On February 27, Asia Pacific Internet Engineering Program (APIE) launched the online course “Understanding the Internet” on FutureLearn, a global open online course platform. This is the first course of APIE Online, the self-paced component of the APIE Program.

This 4-week course introduces fundamental information about the Internet, from its birth to current progress, giving a clear vision of your role in cyberspace and the importance of engineering for improving Internet infrastructure.

Learners will be guided through the basics of Internet infrastructure, how it works and operates, and how it is globally governed, giving them the skills to discuss internet functionality and understand the critical roles you play as a citizen of cyberspace.

A pilot run of this course was conducted from May to June 2022 with 35 participants from Asia Pacific. It was well received by learners, including university students and professionals from several academic backgrounds, who praised the content and the social learning aspects of the FutureLearn platform.

This course was produced by the SOI Asia project in collaboration with APNIC, AITAC, the WIDE Project and Keio University, and supported by the APNIC Foundation.

Language: English
Educator: Jun Murai – Distinguished Professor, Keio University
Navigator: Korry Luke- Doctoral student at Murai Lab, Keio University

For more information about the course and registration, please click here.

Trailer Video is available here.

Course navigator Korry Luke (left) and lead educator Professor Jun Murai.